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Loons Planet

This book teaches children valuable lessons about love, community and respect. It also cultivates conscious awareness of the importance of their relationship with the planet in an understanding and positive way.

art items

This is a shop full of designs created throughout the years. A variety of merchandise is offered on this platform such as stickers, prints, shirts, pillows and notebooks. Not all proceeds go directly to me only a small percentage. If you would like to buya print directly from me email me at 

hedo&hedo jewelry 

This is a collection of laser cut earrings inspired by sacred geometry. These earrings are made of birch and sterling silver hooks.  

Want a custom designed piece?

Explore many options to have your own unique masterpiece. A variety of materials, styles and items are available. Check the link below for a variety of styles and or ideas to choose from. 

Graphic Design 

This gallery shows a variety of projects from my portfolio and work experience.


I have a variety of drawing and illustration work both personal and commision in this gallery. 

Fine Art

This is a gallery full of paintings, pastel chalk and color pencil drawings.

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